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Primera Observación de la Comisión Técnica de la UIAGM - Curso de Aspirante a Guía de Montaña 2015.
Se está realizando el Curso de Aspirante a Guía de Montaña ASEGUIM 2015 (Módulos Roca y Glaciar desde el 2 hasta el 20 de Marzo del año en curso). La Primera Observación por parte de la Comisión Técnica de la Unión Internacional de Asociaciones de Guías de Montaña -UIAGM a los Cursos de la Escuela de Guías de Montaña – ESGUIM está tomando lugar en este curso. Reiner Taglinger -Presidente de la Comisión Técnica de la UIAGM- es el delegado oficial para este propósito.


Asamblea General de la UIAGM en Tønsberg, Noruega.
Joshua Jarrin - Director de la ESGUIM - asistió en representación de la ASEGUIM a la Asamblea General de la Unión Internacional de Asociaciones de Guías de Montaña – UIAGM realizada los días 19, 20, 21 y 22 de Noviembre de 2014. En la misma, se aprobó la visita oficial de un delegado de la Comisión Técnica de la UIAGM a Ecuador en Marzo del 2015. Alemania hizo oficial su apoyo a Ecuador uniéndose a Francia en el proyecto de llevar a Ecuador a la UIAGM.


New Courses 2015



Agreement between ENSA and ASEGUIM with MINTUR’s joint signature
The French National School of Ski and Alpinism – ENSA and the Ecuadorian Mountain Guides Association – ASEGUIM, with the joint signature of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism- MINTUR signed an agreement whose purpose is to update the training and teaching practices of Ecuadorian instructors and to help the Ecuadorian School of Mountain Guides ESGUIM reduce the gap in standards to reach those required by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association IFMGA/UIAGM. The duration of the ENSA-ASEGUIM contract is three years. From 2014 until the end of 2016.


The ASEGUIM instructors that participated in the course were:
Rafael Cáceres
Ignacio Espinoza
Andrés Herrera
Felipe Jácome
Joshua Jarrín
Alejandro Lazatti
Rafael Martínez
Nicolás Miranda
Gaspar Navarrete
Jorge Núñez
José Luis Peralvo
Pablo Puruncajas
Benno Schlauri
Robinson Solari
Fredy Tipán
Diego Zurita


The ASEGUIM board would like to thank the following institutions and persons:
The French National School of Ski and Alpinism- ENSA
Ms. Florence Giraud – Director of ENSA
Mr. Alexis Mallon – Chief of ENSA’s Alpinism Department
Mr. Francois Marsigny – ENSA instructor
Mr. Joshua Jarrín – Director of the Ecuadorian School of Mountain Guides– ESGUIM
The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism–MINTUR
Mr. Norby López – Subsecretary of Tourism
Mr. Renato Cevallos – Coordinator of Tourism Training
The Ecuadorian Professional Training Service– SECAP
Miss. Carla Pérez- French to Spanish interpreter
And all of the ASEGUIM instructors who participated in the course

A special congratulations to Mr. Joshua Jarrin for the work he has done as the Director of ESGUIM.


Francois Marsigny visits Ecuador
The French National School of Ski and Alpinism- ENSA sent Mr. Francois Marsigny to Ecuador to lead the ASEGUIM Instructors Course.
The ASEGUIM is honored to have had him as an instructor in this course.

Francois Marsigny is a well renowned French alpinist. He won the “Piolet d’or” in 1995 for the opening of a new route to the Col of Hope on Cerro Torre, along with Andy Parkin (A la Recherche du temps Perdu ED+ 90 grados, 800m). Francois Marsigny is an architect, an ENSA Instructor and a Mountain Guide in the Chamonix Guiding Company.


Among his most important achievements as an alpinist are:
• 1980 : Super Goulotte o Goulotte Gabarrou-Marsigny on the south face of Barre des Écrins, with Patrick Gabarrou
• June 5-7, 1984 : Divine Providence (ABO inf)-Grand Pilier d'Angle with Patrick Gabarrou
• 1984 : Frêneysie pascale and Cascade Notre-Dame on Mont Blanc with Patrick Gabarrou
• 1985 : First winter ascent of Hyper Couloir -Grandes Jorasses with Patrick Gabarrou
• 1991 : First winter ascent of Grand Couloir Central on the north face of peak Sans Nom with Patrick Gabarrou
• 1991 : Magie Blanche in Patagonia (Argentina) with Patrick Gabarrou and Fred Vimal.
• December 27, 1992 to January 2, 1993, first solo ascent (winter) of the directissime francaise on the west face of the Drus.
• 1995 : completion in one day of diedro Philip-Flamm to Civetta and the route Carlesso to the Torre Trieste with Jean Marc Clerc (Cristal of the French Federation of Mountains and Climbing- FFME)
• 1995 : New Route to the Col of Hope of Cerro Torre, with Andy Parkin (Piolet d’ Or 1995)
• 1995 : First repetition of Beyond Good and Evil on the north face of the Pélerins needle with François Damilano (route opened in 1992 by Andy Parkin and Mark Twight, and that marked a difficult stage in modern mixed mountain climbing)
• 1998 :Repetition of No Siesta, on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses
• December 12, 2001: A step beyond, on the Migot point (Chamonix needles), with Thierry Renault, done in mixed modern style that won them a Cristal from the French Federation of Mountains and Climbing- FFME
• Cho Oyu
• May 21, 2008: Makalu without oxygen
In 1999, he received the New Millennium Cristal for having been nominated for the award every year since its creation in 1991 (French Federation of Mountains and Climbing FFME).

New ASEGUIM Mountain Guides have graduated
The Mountain Guides School ESGUIM, under the leadership of Mr. Joshua Jarrin, organized and operated a mountain guiding course in October/November of this year. During this course, the following new ASEGUIM Mountain Guides graduated:
Miss Juliana Garcia, Mr. Sebastian Carrasco, Mr. Jose Salazar, Mr. Rommel Sandoval, Mr. David Silva, Mr. Estalin Suarez and Mr. Jaime Vargas.
Congratulations to the esteemed ASEGUIM mountain guides, to the Director of the school, and to the instructors who made this course possible.
First female Ecuadorian mountain guide with ASEGUIM certification
During the most recent mountain guiding course, Miss Juliana Garcia became the first female Ecuadorian mountain guide with ASEGUIM certification. Congratulations! We feel proud to have her among the ranks of our association. Juliana has achieved a lot in her climbing career so far with the most distinguished of her successes being the opening of a new route in the Peruvian Andes: HK, on the north face of East Huandoy, with difficulties of TD+ V+ M3/4. Juliana achieved the opening of this new route alongside Mr. Joshua Jarrin (Current Director of ESGUIM) in the middle of August 2012. This route was included in the 2012 list of climbs chosen by the organization “Piolet d’ Or” (Golden Ice Ax), 2013 edition.

Coming Courses

ESGUIM will offer a pre-training course the 13th, 14th and 15th of December, for all people interested in starting their career as mountain guides and preparing themselves for the aspiring guides admissions exam.


The next course for aspiring mountain guides in 2014 will be:
March 15th and 16th: Admissions exam
March 22-28th: Medium altitude (sport and mountain rock climbing)
March 29th: Instructing children and teens
March 31-April 6th: High altitude (snow, ice and mixed terrain)


-Mountain Guides Exam 2014
For past generations of aspiring guides. The second and final opportunity to finalize the training process for pending aspiring guides will be given on the following dates:
From March 31-April 4, 2014: Medium altitude (sport and mountain rock climbing)
April 5, 2014: Instructing children and teens
April 7-11th 2014: High altitude (snow, ice and mixed terrain)

For more information about the different courses please write to:


Update Clinics
The ESGUIM, under the current administration, has proposed monthly meetings to update guides on relevant skills. The first clinic took place the 12th and 13th of November in Ruco Pinchincha. The topics covered included short-rope, rappelling and simple evacuation skills.
The next clinic will be about sport climbing and managing safety while teaching sport climbing. We are asking ASEGUIM mountain guides and aspiring guides to vote for the most convenient dates between the 8th and 12th of December.
These workshops will take place every month and members can suggest topics to be covered.


Theoretical Training of Future Mountain Guides in SECAP
After several meetings with the Ministry of Tourism, they agreed to direct the theoretical training of future mountain guides (formerly known as fundamentals) through the Ecuadorian Professional Training Service SECAP. Aspiring guides must follow this curriculum, which consists of 300 hours, as part of their complete training.


Official Curriculum for Practical Training
A new curriculum has been designed for the practical training of mountain guides, which has been accepted by the Ministry of Tourism. This consists of 4 levels of training, which can be finished between 2 and 5 years and consists of:

1. Pre-training course (3 days- optional)
2. Aspiring mountain guide course (19 days)
3. Exposition (period of time allotted to complete book of routes and 7 days rescue course)
4. Mountain guide exam (13 days)

Explorer, sponsor of the Ecuadorian Mountain Guides Association
The company Explorer ( has become a sponsor of ASEGUIM. They will provide discounts to ASEGUIM aspiring guides and mountain guides to buy equipment. We appreciate their support.
To receive these benefits, aspiring guides and mountain guides must send the following information to the email

President of Ecuador, Ec. Rafael Correa, ascent of Mt. Cotopaxi.
On August 22, 2013 ASEGUIM-GRA mountain guides had the honor of accompanying our president to Mt. Cotopaxi, one of the world’s highest active volcanoes.
ASEGUIM wishes to formally congratulate our president and thank him for allowing us to be a part of this historic event.

Glacier school with Mr. Jorge Glas, vice president of Ecuador.
On August 18, 2013 the GRA rescue team of ASEGUIM under the direction of Franklin Varela (field director of GRA) organized a glacier school on Cotopaxi for our VP. Cramponing and roping was practiced all the way up to 5200mts.

The General IFMGA Assembly for the first time in South-America

The General Assembly took place for the first time in South-America: from October 16 to 18 in Huaraz-Peru. The Ecuadorian Mountain Guide Association-ASEGUIM  sent a representative to this important meeting.

Oficial Sponsor:

Joaquin Pinto E4-385 y Juan Leon Mera | Edificio Flores 3er Piso - Oficina 307
Teléfonos: (593-2) 222 2954 / Fax: (593-2) 223 4109
Celular: (593) 09 9961 9941

Translated by: Heather Kryzak


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